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Hello, I'm Victoria Cantons. Namasté.

Victoria Cantons
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About Victoria

Victoria is a self-taught visual artist born in 1969 to Catholic Spanish and Russian/French parents in south London, England. She has no siblings.

Victoria was born with an intersex genetic condition, having XXY chromosomes and physical anomalies. Sadly there was no diagnosis at the time and so she went on to be perceived and raised as male into adulthood. As a "genetic developmental mutation" Victoria has experienced life socially in the role of both genders. Victoria was finally legally recognized as the female she is in July 2009 (at the age of 39).

Victoria has stated in the past "My singular medical and psychological history has informed who and what I am but it is not all of me though it has left a lasting impression on my life and informs the person I am today."

Victoria lives in South London with the musician and songwriter Emma Cantons (née Hobson), her partner since 2003. Victoria has no natural children of her own but has two (now) grown-up step-children through Emma.

Artist Statement

My art consists of both figurative and abstract work where the line between the two is not always clear-cut.

I explore identity - who I am, who we are as individuals and finally who we are as a whole.

I am also fascinated by change and its irreversible progress. 

Moreover, my work is a response to the experience of being an intersex woman. Although paintings range from images of volcanoes to intimate depictions of nature through the seasons, they are all essentially portraits - often self portraits, as I try to understand myself. In the past I found it almost impossible to directly portray myself in my art and so sought to use other images as emblems. However, as time has moved on I have felt able to explore identity through direct representations of the self.

I am drawn to painting as the most satisfying form of expression though I experiment with other media and I am always mindful of the search for harmony or purposeful discord within the work to help me judge when it is complete.

19 January 2012


Many (short) daily updates/comments happen on Twitter: @victoriacantons

My blog on LiveJornal is not 100% public - I also use the blog as a private diary.

Regarding my "intersex" condition:

To put it simply: Though I am female, because I was born with an extra Y chromosome it lead to me having a number of physical issues and I lived for a time as a perceived male however I am now recognized as the woman I am.

I started supportive medical treatment in April 2009 and my legal/social transition was the 7th July 2009.

I am a registered patient at the Charing Cross Hospital “Gender Identity Clinic”, London.

For what it's worth I would rather have been born fully looking like a female in order to avoid any incongruity, however... c'est la vie!

My condition is recognized as a "genetic developmental mutation". All who previously knew me are (now) aware of it. I am just a woman who happens to have a rare medical history.


Though I'm happy to talk about intersex and transgender issues AND I suppose I'm very passionate about those subjects I really love to discuss art, movies, music, books or the world or what's for dinner and exchange goofy jokes.

Although I was raised as a Catholic I attend an Anglican church and I have strong religious/spiritual feelings/views.

Though Emma and I consider it a private matter, just to pre-empt any questions: yes, I love and am in love with another woman so that means that technically makes me a lesbian but that doesn't mean I find men repulsive.

This is not a documented account of my transitional journey - this is just life - My life, whatever that may be.

I have no idea how this journey will unfold, but I am very open to your comments whatever they may be.

Thank you,
1 June 2011

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